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If you are looking for a company that produces double glazed windows and doors, window rolling shutters, mosquito windows nets, we are in this working field since 2009, we are a production plant with our Headquarters situated in Romania, we are a dynamic and dedicated team, specialized in the production, marketing, installation and application of double glazed windows, doors, mosquito windows nets, home window rolling shutters or garage rolling shutters.

More than 10,000 customers, more than 10,000 successful construction projects, more than 10,000 satisfied customers in Romania and Europe

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✓   We work both in Warehouse Mode - we have on stock Standardized Double Glazed Windows and Doors Profiles, as well as in Production mode Customized orders according to customer requirements and criteria. Our Headquarters and production plant are situated in Romania, for prices and questions, please contact us at telephone: 0040 749 797 860, WhatsApp: +40749 79 78 60, or email:

Become a Partner in Europe

If you are passionate about sales, or if you have a company operating in Europe, if you work in the field of double glazed windows and doors, construction, interior design, you should know that we can become partners in this adventure. It is a great honour for us to be your partner. We produce, you sell ! Our prices are flexible and honest ! We are loyal, we are reliable, we are committed to serve you with excellence ! Contact us at our Production Plant Headquarters Romania -
Telephone: 0040 749 797 860.
WhatsApp: +40749 797 860.

For your company

We all know that in these times production costs must be reduced ! Our company comes to your aid and guarantees you an ideal collaboration in terms of quality and price. We pay special attention to our customers and partners - When it comes to double glazed windows and doors, we are here for you. It is our duty to guide you, to advise you, to give directions, because you matter ! We support you and present our activities - a wide range of possibilities and products. Let's build together - both partnerships and constructions !

Why choose us ?

As a first thought, we are a company that values professionalism, comradeship and respect, we offer a friendly and stress-free working environment, we are flexible, we can talk, we can discuss, we can negociate. Secondly, it's all about low prices, cheap prices at the desired quality: our customer is our master, our products prices are affordable. Depending on the budget, we aim to please all our customers. Thirdly, we have been in the field since 2009, we have a vast experience in this domain of work, we have more than 10,000 collaborations during the years of activity, we have more than 10,000 successfully completed projects, we have more than 10,000 customers satisfied with our services and prices in the field of double glazing windows and doors and other activities of our company - windows shutting rollers, mosquito nets and other products.

Together on this adventure

We understand the needs of our clients and collaborators and it is very easy to work with us, we are friendly and respectful ! On-time deliveries as discussed in the project. We offer much more, depending on the quantities, location, and partnerships, we can be flexible regarding our collaboration. All we need is to talk about your project. No matter what your location is, no matter where you are, we can become partners anywhere in EUROPE: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal.
Contact us at our Production Plant Headquarters Romania -
Telephone: 0040 749 797 860.
WhatsApp: +40749 797 860.

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    Double Glazed Windows and Doors for Constructions in Europe - Production Plant in Romania
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    Sat Capatanesti, Nr. 69, Jud. Mehedinti, Brosteni, 227075, ROMANIA
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